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2019 ASP Youth training brochure (click images below):

Why Train with ASP? 

  • ASP coaches have real-world experience in competitive youth sport.

    • Our coaches are on the road throughout the year at events all over the country; as a result, we know what junior players need to be successful.

  • The athlete's world is our world.

    • 100% of our time is spent training athletes, parents and coaches; Many sport psychologists spend only a fraction of their time working with athletes.

  • ASP training positively impacts performance.

    • We develop skills athletes use during competition; our training is entirely performance-focused. Our athletes learn to become more motivated, focused, and confident competitors. 

  • We are experts in junior development.

    • ASP coaches have been successful at developing players at every level, from junior sport to college and beyond. Training is tailored towards the junior athlete’s needs, with a specific interest in developing overall life skills.

Youth Testimonials

My son has been working with Dr. Fisher for over a year now and we are so thankful for his tutelage. His ranking improved over 100 spots and he recently won his first national tournament. Dr. Fisher has helped our son become more confident, self-motivated, and passionate about his sport.
— Peter S. (son recently committed to a top 25 NCAA program)
We tried three different mental coaches but were not seeing any change in our son’s behavior. That all changed when we met Dr. Fisher. He not only understands performance, but more importantly he knows how to connect and inspire. Our son has made tremendous strides with his coaching.
— Patricia R.
Coach Brandyn has been the main reason for my improvement in the past 9 months. He is a great motivator and his positive energy makes me look forward to our training sessions.
— Evan W. (top 10 in B14s national rankings)
Dr. Fisher has a unique ability to relate to my son’s athletic experience and guide him (and us as parents) through the ups and downs of competitive tennis. In working with Brandyn, you don’t just gain a great coach, you gain a mentor and valuable member of the team.
— Maria C. (son is #2 in the B14s national rankings)
The American Sport Psychology team has been the difference maker in my son’s development as both a player and person. We have worked with other sport psychology consultants in the past with limited results. However, these guys speak the athlete’s language and build actual skills players can apply on the field.
— Bill J. (son is a DI athlete and team captain)
As parents of two collegiate Division I tennis players we can highly recommend Dr. Brandyn Fisher. Brandyn began working with our children about 8 years ago. His patience, expertise, and understanding has been instrumental in taking them to college scholarships. He continues to mentor them on a regular basis.
— John and Lisa S.