"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do." ~Aristotle

ASP Team Services

Adding Value to Your Program

Most programs have great coaches, strength and conditioning staff, medical personnel, and facilities; however, few teams have access to performance-specific mental training. This is where ASP becomes a game-changer for both your staff and your team.

  • Specialists in Performance Training

    • 100% of our time is devoted to elite-level mental performance training. We live and breathe elite performance!

    • Our methods were developed from being on the front lines of competitive sport. Our office is the field, the court, the locker room, and the gym.

    • Our team continues to coach at the elite level, working with elite organizations all over the world. As a result, we know exactly what coaches and athletes need to perform at the highest level.

  • Your Team, Your Culture, Our Expertise

    • We use your lingo, goals, and values to create and deliver meaningful training programs.

    • We work ALONGSIDE you and your staff to develop the specific training concepts that meet your needs.

  • Targeted Training Blocks

    • We come to you throughout the season for in-person training

    • Our team is able to do it all:

      • Individual player meetings

      • Team training seminars

      • Brainstorming sessions with coaching staff

      • Travel coaching

      • Regular follow-ups and on-going assessment

Team Testimonials

American Sport Psychology played an integral role in getting my team to perform up to their abilties. Brandyn sets the bar high and works to get players to achieve their potential.
— Head Coach, DI Men's Tennis
Brandyn was a great resource and educator for me and my staff. He became a part of our team and we fed off his energy and enthusiasm. He was with us from the first day through the conference championship and we are grateful for his passion.
— Head Coach, DI Women's Soccer