Professional Performance Demands Elite Mental Training

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do." ~Aristotle

Click the image below for the ASP Professional training brochure:

The Pro Mindset: 

Training that translates to performance

  • Our training is entirely performance-focused; we train tangible skills that players can relate to and actually use during competition.

Our office is the court

  • Work with a team of coaches who have experience coaching professional athletes and are in the trenches of competitive sport; in 2018, the ASP Team was on the road over 15+ weeks.

A team training approach

  • We know that behind every athlete is a team of individuals; we become a fully integrated member of your team and you gain access to ours (the entire ASP Team + a larger network of performance professionals).

Training Packages: 

To give professional athletes the highest quality training, ASP only offers one level of service, "ASP Pro Complete Access".  There are limited spots available; contact us to determine availability.

  • "ASP Pro Complete Access" 

  • Access to the entire ASP Team and network of performance professionals

  • Weekly Skype or phone call training sessions

  • Pre- and post-competition coaching

  • In-person training or travel coaching (when available; travel and expenses are extra)

  • Comprehensive performance assessments and periodization planning

Pro Testimonials

Coach Brandyn’s training when I was a junior player has stayed with me to this day. He taught me how to develop a professional mindset and act like a champion.
— WTA Player
Dave provided me excellent leadership and mentoring during my two Super Bowl appearances for the Denver Broncos. I would highly recommend him to any athlete looking to get to the next level.
— Mike Lodish, NFL Player
Discipline, intensity, engagement. This is what Coach instilled in me and has been the foundation of my performance at the pro level.
— ATP Player