Starting in January 2018, American Sport Psychology will be offering yet another level of mental performance assessment: Match Analysis of Performance (MAP). Here are the details...

What is a Match Analysis of Performance (MAP)? 

A MAP is a complete performance assessment that includes feedback in the following areas:

MENTAL (balancing momentum, decision-making, point-to-point routines, emotional responses, body language, etc)

TACTICAL (game style, shot selection, strengths/weaknesses, problem-solving, etc)

TECHNICAL (footwork/movement, biomechanics, strengths/weaknesses, etc)

What do I have to provide?

You provide the complete video of the match and we do the rest. Simply send us the link or raw video and we will analyze your performance in each of the key areas. 

What services and assessments will I receive?

In addition to a written performance assessment, players will receive analytics information that includes a momentum chart, basic match stats, and a serve/return scatter plot. We can also provide expert analysis of technique and movement (side and back views work best). If your video allows, we can also do voice-overs throughout the match and offer specific areas of focus.

What does it cost?

Single-match MAP : $175 (add a 30-45 minute phone consultation for an extra $50)

10-match MAP : $1700 

10-match MAP + 10 mental performance sessions : $3,000

How long does it take?

Our coaches will turn your video into a complete performance assessment within a 24-hour period. 

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